Teach kids what it takes to become a founder


by Arta Citko & Kaidi Ruusalepp






A short & practical workbook that educates in a playful way about what it takes to become a Founder.  


A template that can be used individually or in workshops with kids around 12-18 years of age. Help them to discover step-by-step what they need to become a founder. Whether it is setting up a lemonade stand, their own Etsy store or some other endeavour. 


Help them connect the dots - what their vision looks like, what existing recourses they might use, what external recourses they need, how they can use their network, what team they want to have and more.



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One book, many benefits. Discover. Learn. Have fun.




+ Available in English. 


+ Available as instant download PDF worksheets (Physical workbook SOLD OUT). 


+ 8 chapters packed with thinking, writing and drawing tasks.


+ Takes about 1-3h to complete in one go. Can be more. Can be less.


+ Level of difficulty: low


+ Most suitable for 12-18 year-olds


+ Can be used individually or in workshops 





Created by founders for future founders.

Will be useful for curious kids. 12 years and up. Can be used in workshops and training by all sorts of educators. Can be a fun thing to do with your own kids. Can be a fun thing to do with your friends. 




You will love this playbook if you: 


  • like learning in the process,

  • enjoy experimenting,

  • want to practice planning and creative thinking,

  • have never had a business but are dreaming about it.












A quick creative writing exercise to warm up the mind.






Think of projects you could do. Projects you would love to be involved in. Something you have always wanted to do. Pick one that you will be applying throughout the playbook.





Draw the vision. How success looks like. How you look in it.





Founders always need to have an open mind. Look around. There may be something useful for your project. Come up with ways you can keep an open mind.





Vision comes with experience. Think about what you have done and learned so far that might be a useful lesson.





Every big dream has a team. Think about how your dream team looks like. Whom you need on your team.





Think about how you might use your existing network. Local and international. And what new connections might be useful in the future, where to look for them.





Look at your mindset. Think about why you would be a good founder. Discover the difference between being bossy and being a good leader.





Use your creative power to come up with your own chapter. And give it a meaning.






Before you close the book and jump onto the next thing, stop and think what promise you could make to yourself that would take you one step closer to making your vision a reality.




PDF instant download

2.99 Eur


This playbook makes you impatient about getting out there and making your dream project happen - right then and there

Ieva Baranova





This is a practical template - one of the Happy Playbooks self coaching workbooks. A place where you can experiment and connect the dots. 


The tasks include thinking, writing and drawing. The playbook guides you through different questions to explore & discover aspects of your project that might be helpful to bring your awareness upon. It teaches you to use creative thinking and planning. 


This playbook will give the knowledge you will be able to apply to other projects as well. Our hope is that with this playbook we’re inspiring lots of young people (and not only) to set up their own initiatives, practice founding and building great things and teams.










This playbook is designed by Arta Citko, the Founder of Happy Playbooks in collaboration with one of the coolest Founders from Estonia - Kaidi Ruusalepp, the Founder of Funderbeam.


Arta about how it all started:


"I saw Kaidi’s inspiring speech at the startup conference Latitude59 in Tallinn, Estonia on May 25th, 2018. I immediately fell in love with her message and I saw how her message can be turned into a playbook. The structure of her speech, the topics was exactly like chapters of a book — the vision, the mindset, the team, the network. And the energy and passion she shared it with, moved me. A big part of her message was about letting the kids in. So that they can observe the mind of the company, how things are done, how teams work, how effort looks like. It was clear that she had something bigger to share with the world and I had an idea how to do it with a playbook!"



Here are both of us, the proud authors, after the Foundership Playshop for kids at the Funderbeam office in Tallinn, Estonia in July 2018.




"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

/ Abraham Lincoln /


PDF instant download

2.99 Eur

Have fun!

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